This city has a a sight around every corner...literally. Great for budget travellers like myself because it meant I could walk everywhere. Turn the corner, and whoops, there's another ruin, I couldn't even put my camera down. 

Obviously I visited all the major attractions, the Vatican, the colosseum, Trevi fountain, etc. but there is just so much more to see! Therefore I've devised a don't miss list for Rome of some my favourite things I did

- Buy fresh fruit and vegetables at Campo de Fiori market
- Take the elevator up to the top of the parliament of Rome for some magnificent views
- Share a giant pizza, and sit on the Spanish seats (avoid the service tax)
- Eat gelato. So much gelato
- Stroll along the wealthiest streets soaking up all the glamour of the Italian designer brands
- Throw a coin, or two, or three, into Trevi fountain
-Visit the colosseum at sunset

I mean, when in Rome...

Xx ciao 


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