The French Riviera

                                               Stone beach in Nice

                                               Billionaires Bugati in Monaco
                                         Beautiful views in Nice

                                            Grand hotel in Monaco

                                      Change of guard in Monaco

                                 Seagull on the top of the Monte Carlo museum

                                   All set up for the Tour de France in Nice :)
                                                            So much fun!

After all the hot weather in Tuscany and lack of ocean I was really craving the sound of waves and being able to dip into the ocean for a swim, safe to say the Cote D'azur quenched the craving. 

Crystal clear waters in all shades of blue, surrounded by plunging cliffs piled with gorgeous little orange buildings. Love at first site indeed. The views were absolutely incredible. 

We stayed in lovely Nice and the day we arrived the Tour de France was passing through! There was an amazing buzz in the city which made the experience even better. We took a day trip to Monaco and experienced the billionaire lifestyle and the traditions of the little monarchy, managing to witness the change of guard! I enjoyed every moment near the water (not much else you can do in blaring 30 degrees) and even went biscuiting, the most awesome way to cool down ever!

I had such an amazing few days here and was pretty sad to leave. But I know the next awesome adventure is not far away :)



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