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MY NAME IS CELINA AND I"M ON MY GAP YEAR, yep. that's a great intro.

I was born in Germany, but at 18 months old moved to Melbourne, Australia, thus I have German parents and the ability to speak both German and English - which is a plus at most times, sometimes its awkward because the surprising number of Germans in Melbourne, and I'm often caught in the situation where someone behind me says something offensive in German and I awkwardly know what they said, but they don't know and it turns into a huge weird muddle of awkwardness. it's probably just my fault, I have an amazing talent for making situations awkward...

Having moved to Australia means that most of my extended family lives in Germany, which is one of the reasons why I have been set on having a gap year and travelling to Europe from fairly early on.

I thought it might be a good idea to make a Blog to document and share my travels, so in March 2013 this Blog was birthed from my brain and shot into the world of the interwebs :) 

On May 27th I will be beginning my travels, but in the mean time I am sharing some of the things I am doing with my spare time...which I am still not completely used too having, but that's half the fun!



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