The first thing I noticed about Berlin was its size. This city is just massive, and every corner has a completly different vibe. i think thats why Berlin attracts everyone. The mix of people was fascinating, tourists, locals it didn't matter who you were it seemed like everyone belonged.

The second thing I noticed was the amount of things to see. I mean I was in Berlin for ten days and barely scratched the surface of what this city has to offer! From exhibitions and museums of Berlin's raging history, to some of the craziest nightclubs, galleries and markets I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and new sights my brain was trying to take in everyday. 

What fascinated me the most about Berlin however, was how everywhere you go there a small reminders of its history. A line marks where the wall used to cut through the city, across roads, through buildings, it's just crazy to imagine what it would have been like when the wall was still standing and it's not even that long ago!

Some of my favourite moments in Berlin included:

Visiting the Topography of terror. It's an incredibly interesting exhibition displaying Berlin's past, and it's free which is always a plus.

Visiting Brandenburger tor at 6am. No crowds and the perfect light...magical

Exploring the KaDeWe, especially the food level. The chocolate I bought there was incredible!

Chilling in the Rittersport cafe. Not only do you have access to every flavour of Rittersport chocolate, you can create your own and watch it be made in front of you, what more do you want.

Having picnic in tiergarten. The perfect way to escape the city madness.

***more photos of berlin to come***


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