The view as I stepped out of the train    
                                                                          St Marc's


                                                               Enjoying some pizza! 

                                           This is where I'm staying next time I've decided 
                                                                      Venice by night




If I have in the past said a city was beautiful, I lied. Well at least it doesn't compare to what I have witnessed over the past 5 days. Venice. Even if you try and get over the initial shock of roads being replaced with canals, and cars with dreamy gondalas, the city holds oh so much more. 'How is it a real place!' That is what went through my head repeatedly as we walked through the alleys, and along the canals lined with the cutest buildings littered with flower boxes under their windows. I was so in awe. It didn't matter where I pointed my camera, every photo was beautiful, and therefore I ended up with way too many, but how could I not! I was so overwhelmed by everything, not even the stampedes of tourists along the grand canal or the fact that the vaprettos striked on one of the days (meaning we could not cross the canal unless we found a bridge, my feet were sore) could ruin it for me. 

I will defiantly be going back. I already miss the merry men in their striped shirts. Why so magical venice? Why?

                                                                        Ciao! Xx


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