Self explanatory...
                       Munich town hall in Marienplatz. The amount of photos I took of this one. 
                                                                     Bustling Marienplatz 
                     People here ride their bikes rain hail or shine, and their all such pretty bikes! 
                                                                         Evening shop
                                                                        The view. How.
                                                   Lebkuchenherz! (Gingerbread heart)
                       Viktualian Markt. The famous and huge market in the centre of Munich.
                                                                        Opera house
                                                            This building. My love.
                                I lied. This is my love. Are we in a Disney movie. I think so.
                                                            Georgia and I!
                                             Scuffed shoes from the hike up the mountain
                                                   View from the castle. How incredible is it!
                                                         Is this a real place? Ahhhhh

Munich. Bustling with energy, rich in history and culture, I mean people literally wear Lederhosen and Dirndl out and about in this city! It's truly gorgeous. I have been before, however even so it felt like the first time again, Marienplatz is not something that gets old, and the amount of photos. It's seems like I took ten photos of every sight, just because I couldn't get over the beauty of some of these monuments. It's ridiculous. 

And of course, when in Munich it would be stupid not to take the 2 hour drive over to Schloss Neuswanstein and admire the cliff hanging castle built by the crazy, but very creative Ludwig II. If you have ever the chance it's worth going there, the inside is stunning as well, but because it was never finished after the kings death it's nowhere near as astonishing as the outside. It's possibly one of my favourite places in the world. Maybe it's because it makes me feel like fairytales could come to life here, after all the Disney castle was based on this castle. And before I start to swoon over my love of Disney I better conclude. 
Next stop is venice and I will be welcoming the Italian cuisine with open arms, as I don't think I can eat another German breakfast laden with cold meats and mountains of bread. Although all the food is absolutely delicious I don't think it's doing my stomach, or figure for that matter, any good. I guess Italian food won't be much better in that regard. But all the same I'm excited. Yum.

On that note Aufwiedersehen!  Till next time. 


P.s. due to an extreme lack in Internet connection over the past couple of weeks the we post may go up later than I anticipated. But I'm sure we can all deal with that. :) 


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