A Foreign Home.

So about a week ago I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. Although everything seems foreign I feel at home here, maybe its because 90% of my family lives here, who knows. Which brings me to what i have been doing this past week. Visiting family. And I'm still not done. When you haven't seen them for 5 years there's a lot to catch up on, it seems.

In between the thousand meet and greets, among them many situations where people claim they met me as a baby..I've been trying to capture all the amazing new sights I've been lucky enough to see, but it just seems my camera (or in this case my iPhone that I keep whipping out at the most inappropriate times) can't quite capture the pure beauty of the cobbled streets and ancient buildings. 

Nonetheless here are some of my favourite snaps :)


  1. I was wondering when you were going to post next! Some quality photos there, looks looovely :) are you having fun?! Xx

    1. yeah getting internet was a bit of an issue...



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