What will I take!? (#firstworldproblems)

Lately I have been thinking about what I'm going to take on my 8 month trip to Europe, clothing-wise, which is probably a good idea since I'm leaving in 4 days (eek!), you know what they say, better late than never.
I've been think about this mainly because I don't want to fall into that awful traveller 'fashion' rut that I seem to always end up in.

 For some reason as soon as I am away from home I think its acceptable to where the most hideous of outfits. Why? Why do I think its an appropriate thing to do? 
Well firstly its quite liberating not to care what I'm wearing and to just wear what's convenient, I don't know why I don't care...it just seems to happen.
Secondly, I just never know what to pack and end up packing separate clothes rather than planned outfits, which may seem like a good idea, but oooohhhh no, no. no. no. There ends up being an awkward mismatch of clothing. This even just happens when I'm staying somewhere overnight. What is wrong with me. I wish I knew.
Anyway, on this trip I absolutely refuse to wear my otherwise seemingly travel acceptable combination of clothes and garments that usually never see the light (read: my cargo pants- not the cool skinny-leg type, not hiking Pants, just a pair of cargo pants that look like they've been purchased from the children's section at target, which they probably have.) I realise this makes me sound like I have terrible fashion sense, which I hope is not the case. It's just when I travel its like my eyes view everything differently and my wardrobe, which otherwise seems drab and extremely empty, is full of opportunities.

So this time I am going to nip this issue in the bud, and I came up with a plan. Obviously outfit repeating will be inevitable, but with some hope and careful planning this will be the only fashion crime I commit! 

Seeing as I will experiencing a number of different climates, and only have minimal amounts of clothing, layering is going to be my friend and to maximise the amount of wear I can out of each garment i think ill stick with a fairly neutral colour palette so I can mix and match to my hearts desire. 
So adhering to these rules here are some very versatile outfit ideas I have come up with:

A dress with a thrown over shirt of sort and jumper. 
The dress alone or with the shirt for warm times.

Dress with tights, and the shirt or jumper, or both for in between weather.
And the whole package for freezing times (maybe another pair of tights, and another jumper as well brrr)

Skirts, dresses and tights will be my friend because their light, unlike jeans. I may take one pair of warm pants, but other than that their just too bulky for a backpack.

This outfit can also work for slightly warmer weather and cool weather depending on the amount of layers I wear.

Another option is taking some sporty looking gear. This way I can wear runners casually without looking like a douche, which will be a god send when I go exploring on foot. Also I may be able to do some exercise, I love a good run :).

So yeah, I think those are some of the things I will be taking. I'm dreading the actual packing, at the moment I just have piles of clothes waiting to be sifted through. Oh god.

 Don't you just love first world problems.



  1. this is actually so helpful thank you so much <3<3

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  3. Nice blog post!

    Also, I'm conducting a giveaway so make sure to check it out! Awesome fashion item and shoutout to win!Thanks!

    Giveaway @Alisonous✿

    1. Thanks, and I'll check out that giveaway :) xx

  4. Great post! Some gorgeous stuff! :)

    Kelly xo


  5. Just gorgeous!
    I love all the outfits, such cool ideas.
    You my friend have an exceptional taste in fashion :)

    Love from Canada!
    ♥ anamascara.blogspot.ca ♥



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