Where have I been?

Before I go off on my next exciting adventure I decided to have a look back to the places I have travelled to by myself in the past.


Ok, I didn't really travel here myself, it was on a school trip, however I was responsible for myself for the first time and since I was only 14 at the time it was a big deal going to a foreign country without my parents.

We spent 3 weeks away, I think about a week in each country, and it was truly an amazing experience, something I will never forget. From meandering down the Mekong on a river boat enjoying beautiful traditional Laos cuisines for lunch, to visiting the killing fields in Cambodia, to travelling by elephant to a remote village where we stayed 3 nights while building a house for one of the families. 

I can only recommend eastern asia, the culture, food, sights and people are all incredible - here some of my favourite photos :)

P.s. You will have to excuse most of the photography and my fashion sense in the following images, my 14-year-old-self was not the most talented in these categories...

Admiring Angkor wat

The only mode of transport to a local village we visited, and where we built a house :)
Angkor Wat,  one of the seven wonders of the World and rightfully so! This photo does not do it justice.

The incredible Mekong River 

Beautiful waterfalls in Cambodia
Angkor Wat at dusk
On a river boat, cruising down the Mekong in Laos


FIJI (2012)
Finishing of school is exciting, which was why myself and two of my gorgeous friends decided to celebrate this end of an era by shipping of to the pacific island of Fiji. While most of our other friends flew up to the hippie-like coastal town of Byron bay in NSW to party it up, we decided that wasn't for us, and so we decided we would have a relaxing week in Fiji instead, and I have never looked back.

We stayed on a little island resort called 'Robinson crusoe island', and let me tell you it was perfect. Perfect to relax after 13 years of school. Perfect to catch a tan after two years of being indoors and studying. Perfect for enjoying a coconut on the beach while reading your favourite book. Oh the nostalgia.

Not far off from the mainland at the mouth of the longest river in Fiji lies this gorgeous gem. One side of the island is lined with pure white beaches and turquoise waters swarming with fish (seriously. so many), the other side home to thousands of mud crabs and a fairy tale-like forest of mangroves. It was so beautiful. A walk around the island took you from cliché pacific beaches, through a coconut tree forest filled with history, to the muddy plains crawling with crabs, and it only takes 15 minutes to walk around the entire island! I find myself still wandering how so many different habitats fit into such a small space!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the week we spent there :)

Ready for a bonfire
Kayaking around the island, which is actually a lot harder than it may look
oh yes, massages on the beach
Aren't these just the most incredible flowers! Every single one is flawless, this one I found on the ground!

View of the Island from my Kayak
Daily agenda - we drank way too much Kava while we were there. Literally every night.
UNDERWATER -these were all over the reef. I also saw Nemo, Dory, Bubbles and Gill, don't you dare ask what those fish are actually called, to me thats their real names. 
Crystal clear waters and Frangipani's - Fiji in a nutshell 
Our lunch cooking on the hot coals wrapped in palm leaves #delicious

Knife dancing, we made friends with him, his name is Coby...I danced with him

Ahh yes, sunset selfie - I'm on the left

Us with our Fijian pals. They were the most lovely people I have ever met.
Us every single day. IT WAS SO WARM

As you can see, with such amazing experiences in the past it's no wonder I can't wait to see what this next ( much much much bigger) trip has in stall for me!



  1. wow these are amazing pictures! I would love to go to these places :)

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  4. Can't wait to see your post for the 30 day snap challenge!! :)
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    Lots of Love xx

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by :) I'm excited to do it! I followed you on BL as well and I can't wait to see your pictures! And you live in Denmark!!! That's so cool I might go to Denmark on my euro trip, we will see :)




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