The Bee cause

Don't be fooled by the beauty of the swan, these creatures are evil, like chase-you-off-your-picnic-rug evil *shudder*

My friend Louisa, keeping her distance

Busy bee 

Beautiful view of  the Melbourne skyline peeking out from behind the gardens


Last week as I was researching hopelessly tourist-like things to do in the UK (I am not ashamed)  I somehow came across The Bee cause. As I visited the Melbourne Botanic gardens a week later, and took these lovely snaps, it popped back into my head, and I realised what a vital role bees play in our lives, and lets be honest their adorable.

 If you don't know what the Bee cause is and your just completely and utterly confused right now, don't fret! Its a campaign that's going on in the UK at the moment to help save the diminishing number of bees. It's a really pressing issue, which I'm sure anyone would understand after seeing Bee movie (once again I am not ashamed). Bees are vital for pollination which in turn is vital for spread and survival of plants, which we need, otherwise, you know, we would die...

But seriously, if you'd like to help all they ask is for you to sign a petition or if your feeling generous you can donate, and you don't necessarily have to be from the UK, I mean I'm not and I still contributed. 

So if you care about our beautiful  Bees, or want to know more just give the link below a click and it will take you straight there :)



  1. Oh wow I never knew about the bees! These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS, especially the macro ones of the flowers! Aww I can't believe a swan would chase you off your picnic rug, ahahah!
    Ooh what an honor, we're your first follower!:D
    - rach

    1. Omg, I can't deal with this comment. Thank you sooooo much :) I'm so glad you like my photos, and I'm glad that my post helped spread the word :) and thank you for the follow xxx



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