Never thought I would make it to Greece on my trip, but hey! I did, and first stop was the gorgeous Greek Island of Mykonos.

I didn't really know what to expect other then white houses, Greek music and olives and while those stereotypes are surprisingly accurate, Mykonos just had so much more to offer. Town centre is always a buzz, especially in the evening with the famous partying central 'little Venice'. The tiny alleys are packed with people, in the nicest Possible way, and the glaring white walls are just as bright at night as lights illuminate the streets.

But it's not all hustle and bustle, in the quiet squares of Mykonos city you can see foreigners searching for the famous Pelicans (which I sadly didn't find) or drinking a glass of red wine looking out onto the water, or admiring the famous windmills, which, evidently my great aunt use to own one...

City aside, going for a swim in the literally crystal clear water is a must.
Here are some of my favourite photos :) enjoy.



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