The planning, oh the planning.

Planning of a trip like this can be overwhelming, which is why I am trying to do my best to start early. I have already booked my accommodation for most of Italy and of course booked my flight ( if your a student book at STA travel for amazing deals), which is where I am going second (I have family all over Germany, where I'm going first, which means I don't have to worry about accommodation there), but I think that's all I'll book from home (Melbourne, Australia, in case you were wandering!). I want to have the freedom to go with my feelings otherwise, and don't want to plan too much more of an itinerary. Instead I'm planning what I want to see and do in each country, separately, so when I end up going there I know what I will want to see :). I think its nice to be flexible and it can make it a lot less stressful, unless your really anal about these which case plan ahead! 

Above are just some pictures of my bedroom floor, where I am creating the lists of things I want to see/do. As for the books, well I am using mostly these two here:

Get this book here

Get this book here

Both are from lonely planet and are AHmazingly helpful! Well actually the travel book not so much, that ones more for fun, but it does have some useful information such as traditional foods, what time to visit and cultural advice. But the book on Europe, well, I couldn't live without. It has basically everything you need to know, from how to travel within Europe to where to go if you want to avoid the tourist crowds. Definitely a must if your travelling Europe for the first time.

Sooo that's what I'm doing at the moment :). hope this helped you, at least a little...

ok. Bye for now!


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